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​Nong Journey.

Y Unlin

​Yunlin County Food and Agriculture Education
​Green Agricultural Hotel
Travel with Yunlin ingredients.

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cloud forest. Agricultural Journey - Yunlin County Food Agriculture, Agricultural Tourism Education Platform

cloud forest. A large agricultural county, the source of goods for the fruit and vegetable market, the kitchen of the whole Taiwan, and the hometown of rice. As the county with the highest agricultural output value in Taiwan, it is not an exaggeration to say that Yunlin feeds the stomachs of Taiwanese. But as this land that is closely related to our lives, how much do we know about it? Food is the most important thing for the people. How many ingredients come from Yunlin in the three meals a day? If you want to know what you eat, of course you must Learn from the place of origin.
explore taiwanfarmingprofessionaltripCheng, just fromYunlinstart!

Follow in our footsteps, explore Yunlin agriculture together, experience food agriculture education in Yunlin County, and practice the spirit of "eat locally, eat in season".

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There are so many villages and towns in Yunlin, do you know what they are rich in?
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Changhua County

Nantou County

Taiwan Strait


​ Chiayi County




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Food and Agriculture Education in Yunlin County

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